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Why students majorly opt to study in the USA:

    According to reports, the USA is a leading country for its quality education. Deciding to study abroad in the USA can be one of the best and logical decisions for an aspirant.

  1. EXCELLENCE & QUALITY: Top ranker students of the world are taught by the best professors with the help of the latest techniques and infrastructures in the USA. The emphasis is on Critical Thinking considered as the most important parameter in real-time working scenarios.
  2. RESEARCH FACILITIES & TECHNOLOGY: Nobel laureates are part of the USA educational system in different roles giving a unique opportunity for every student to be part of research projects and get first-hand experience of cutting-edge technology and knowledge.
  3. COURSE CURRICULUM: With Universities having industry leaders as their board members ensure that the University curriculum is in sync and updated with the real-time requirements.
  4. FACILITIES AND SAFETY: Listed Among the safest destinations providing all the amenities for the ease of the students.
  5. SCHOLARSHIPS AND FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: Most universities provide grants as scholarships/Assistantships/fellowships etc for deserving students.
  6. FLEXIBLE COURSE WORK: Students are free to select courses across different streams as well as design the course curriculum. The curriculum has been designed to see that the students develop into well-rounded individuals.
  7. JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Optional Practical Training (OPT) is provided for all students to allow practicing skills in the USA itself, which often results in them getting Work visas [H1]. The students are eligible for Curriculum Practical Training after their initial 2 semesters i.e. Full-time internships in the student’s area of expertise to increase their access and exposure.
  8. GLOBAL EXPOSURE: The USA attracts the brightest and best students from almost all countries of the globe.
  9. GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED DEGREE: The degree from the USA is recognized globally and is given weightage while applying for Job or Higher Studies.
  10. WEATHER:Being a large country, the United States is home to a wide variety of climates and seasons. In general, the country has a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers.
  11. COST TO STUDY IN THE USA:Compared with other international countries, the USA is quite affordable. Moreover, international students get an opportunity to work while studying acting as the first road toward financial independence for such students. According to some reports, it is seen that study in the USA for Indian students is quite affordable than for others.The Approximate Living cost per annum in the USA is 13,000 US$.
  12. STUDENT VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR THE USA:An international student needs to have a proper educational visa for studying in the USA. Primarily you need to submit the confirmation letter from a recognized USA university stating that you are officially their students and evidence that you have sufficient funds to maintain your living expenses is required.
    For scholarship students, you have to submit your scholarships related documents also along with the evidence of your departure, such as your airplane ticket. You also have to submit your high school mark sheet and certificate in some cases. For those who are going to study for a master’s, they have to submit their graduation certificate and mark sheet.