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    Ireland is a beautiful island with an idyllic countryside and cityscapes steeped in history. Historically, Ireland was always one of Europe’s poorer countries, however, it has grown into one of Europe’s wealthiest nations. And the quality of the Irish education system is a major contributing factor to this.

  1. TOP GRADE EDUCATION SYSTEM: The Irish education system is one of the best in Europe. It is characterized by creativity, flexibility, and pragmatism.
  2. INTERNATIONALLY RANKED UNIVERSITIES: Many of Ireland’s institutions of higher education are internationally ranked, and with many strong programs in a variety of areas.
  3. ENGLISH AS A LANGUAGE: Ireland is an English speaking country, which is one of the top reasons to choose Ireland as a study destination.
  4. RESEARCH: Ireland is famous as an international hub for high-quality scientific research. The country is home to leading global MNCs. Many brands have made Ireland their main office for European operations.
  5. LITERATURE STUDENTS: For students interested in studying literature, Ireland is a great destination. Famous authors like Yeats and Shaw have been prodigies of this beautiful country.
  6. DYNAMIC LOCATION AND CULTURE: Ireland’s emerald landscape and its people are among the reasons to study in Ireland. Ireland’s landscape provides a rich environment for many outdoor activities.
  7. ACCESSIBILITY TO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: The advantage of studying in Europe is that it’s relatively easy to get from one country to the next.
  8. SAFETY:Ireland is also regarded as a safe country to study and live in. The Global Peace Index ranked it as the 12th “most peaceful country” in 2013.
  9. WEATHER:Temperatures are slightly above freezing during the night, while during the day it ranges from 7/8 °C.
  10. COST TO STUDY IN INRELANDStudying abroad can be an expensive affair, Ireland is where quality education is available at lower tuition rates. Since the duration of graduation courses is mostly 12 months, unlike other countries that can range from 12 to 24 months.

Student Visa Requirements For Ireland:
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Passport
  • A signed letter of application
  • Letter of Acceptance from the college/university
  • Evidence accounting for gaps in your educational history
  • Proof of payment
  • Copies of all academic qualifications
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • Proof you have sufficient funds to support your stay
  • Medical Insurance
  • Commitment to leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa