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    France has always been a hub for cultural and industrial innovations. The country has always been home to the world’s topmost universities; it has 83 public-funded universities apart from a host of private universities and specialized institutes.

  1. TOP UNIVERSITIES: Many Top-ranked Universities are a part of France, with a wide array of curriculum and programs to choose from.
  2. CULTURAL HUB: France is a Cultural Hub and has an open and diverse society.
  3. AVAILABILITY OF PROGRAMS: Programs availability in English
  4. LEARNING FRENCH: Opportunity to learn French as the country is home to one of the oldest languages.
  5. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Internship is an integral part of the Course Curriculum, this helps in increasing your exposure towards working opportunities while studying.
  6. POST STUDY WORK PERMIT: France has many opportunities for working as the study permits are flexible.
  7. SCHOLARSHIPS: For deserving and worthy students, many universities offer various types of scholarships to those who plan to study in France. The educational ministry has announced multiple scholarships to deserving international students. Scholarships are either fully sponsored, partially sponsored or the tuition fees only support.
  8. JOB PLACEMENTS: A degree from France opens your access to your Job opportunities in India as well. Along with easier work permits in France for the same.
  9. EASY VISA PROCESS: The Visa process is comparatively easier in other countries. There are slighter chances for it to get canceled. A work visa of 3 – 5 years is available after your masters.
  11. With almost 83 Universities that are supported by the national government France proves to be one of the most sought after locations. Compared with other international countries, France is quite reasonable. Moreover, international students get an opportunity to work part-time while studying. The cost of studying in France is much more considerable than in the US, UK, and Australia.
  12. LIVING COST IN FRANCE:The living cost per annum for France is approximately 10,200€.

Some Of The Famous Courses In France Are:
  • MBA
  • Engineering
  • Pure Science
  • Linguistics
  • Ancient English
  • Modern Language
  • Philosophy
Student Visa Requirements For France:
  • Confirmation letter
  • Passport photocopy
  • A recent photograph
  • Confirmation that you have appropriate funds
  • For scholarship students, you may have to submit your scholarships related documents
  • Evidence of your departure