Orienting yourself before overseas studies is an important step in every student’s life aspiring to settle abroad. There is a vast difference between going to travel abroad to settle down. The students need to be prepared mentally as well to cope up with the change of new culture, methodology, weather, food as well as friends.

We at Maclareen Consulting provide you an insight into our several pre-orientation programs. These programs intend to make the students well-versed with the difficulties and crisis management on an individual level in a new country.

We also help our students in arranging Airport pickups through Universities or the Indian Association. We guide the students regarding their accommodation needs. From the basic needs like carrying the right amount of luggage to reduce the extra load and charges, carrying appropriate clothing as per the weather requirements, and all the other essentials in the checklist and checked by us.

In order to easily adapt to the changing environment, it is necessary to know the codes of every culture. For the student to become a part of the society he/she has to understand the societal norms beforehand. We help you in providing these insights to make your next country as much a part of you as possible.