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Maclareen Consulting is committed in providing transparency and well researched solutions as a part of the student’s admission process.

The steps involved in the process are mentioned below:
  1. ONLINE APPLICATION Recognized the world over for its high standing in the education system. The initiatives are taken by the Australian Government to ensure that the courses maintain high standards across all the institutions.

  2. DISPATCHING THE DOCUMENTS For the further application process, We need to send the documents as per the university i.e. either soft copies by email or hard copies as the instructions from the universities.

  3. OFFICIAL SCORE REPORTING FMost of the overseas universities ask for an official score reporting for the various exams to the authority for the same. This is required for exams like GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/ PTE and Paper Based for IELTS.

  4. FOLLOW – UP The assistance from us doesnt just end after the submission of the admission documents, but we help the students by keeping in constant touch with the admission departments for the same. Students are kept in loop through our software and regular updates. We endeavor to fulfill all requirements in the shortest possible time to facilitate the fastest possible universities and colleges for our students.